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WINNING AT ENTREPRENEURSHIP is an in-depth, real life guide on how to hunt for, buy, build and ultimately sell your own business.

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This insightful and entertaining book takes you deep inside the world of how to put a deal together and buy the business you've always wanted. Equally important, it teaches you to avoid the highway to business hell by not getting seduced by the wrong deal that could ruin your life. The first year of business ownership can be treacherous and the entrepreneur must understand the pitfalls! For most all of us, we have one shot at the winner’s circle of business ownership and this easy to read road-map provides you with truly up to date professional advice and knowledge from a top industry leader. Whether you're a novice first time buyer to the experienced entrepreneur, you will receive the latest tips and techniques on how to present yourself to the marketplace, raise cash, understand how to value a business and structure a deal to your advantage.

Rod Robertson—Author
Managing Partner—Briggs Capital

WINNING AT ENTREPRENEURSHIP will give you great insights into;

  • How to present your credentials as a buyer
  • How to buy into a partnership
  • How to buy a business or franchise.
  • How to raise cash for your deal(s).
  • How to search for your business.
  • How to structure a creative deal.
  • Learn the numbers you need to know and nothing more!

Just as important as buying a company big or small, is not buying the Titanic!

This book will teach you to;

  • Look inside the seller’s numbers
  • Understand the true motivations of the seller
  • Structure a deal to protect you in a worst-case scenario
  • Learn to manage your investors and what you should pay them
  • Know when to “cut bait” on a bad acquisition and get out before it’s too late
  • Know when to sell at high tide!

About the AUTHOR

Rod Robertson is the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital ( a Boston based international Mergers & Acquisition firm that he has managed since 2001. Rod has personally led over fifty successful transactions in buying, selling and raising capitals for deals typically ranging up to $30m in size.

Before Briggs, Rod has owned businesses in the consumer products, technology and real estate sectors that he successfully grew and sold. Rod has served on many Boards of Directors over the years and has consulted with multitudes of companies as they grow and prepare to be sold.

Rod enjoys public speaking and is an annual guest at the Harvard Business School and Babson MBA programs among other educational institutions around the globe. Rod is a constant voice on the airwaves and in print in the mergers and acquisition world. He has traveled to over 55 countries lecturing and growing his collection of military antiques. He was most recently the Head Delegate of a trade mission to the Ukraine as well as other countries in that region.

Book Quotes

“Understanding when to walk away from a deal is a key to success and physical well being.”

"Once you own it, don’t kick over the ant hill until your understand the company’s basic operating premise."

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"Rod is a fountain of knowledge about buying and selling small businesses. Our students are fascinated and intrigued when he makes his annual visit to our classes on small businesses at the Harvard Business School. He helps our students see the opportunities and challenges of owning a small business by sharing his deep knowledge and experience in the marketplace."
—Professor Richard S Ruback Harvard Business School

"I was a travel worn high level corporate Executive that always dreamed about owning his own business. Rod turned that dream into a reality through creative financing. If I had this book before my hunt I would have saved myself many a restless night."

—Steve Stockman
business owner

"Winning at Entrepreneurship eerily paralled many of the victories and setbacks I went through as I built and sold my business. Rod’s book is like a Wikipedia handbook of how to go about the process."

—Mike Faucher
seller and future buyer

"The Glossary alone of frequently used terms and industry jargon was worth the price of the book!"

—Martin Grealish
buyer on the hunt

"The list of websites in the back was critical in launching my search campaign. I found great leads but more important they allowed me to understand the playing field."

—John Quinn
buyer in the marketplace